Transdermal FSH: Replacing Fertility Injections with a Self-Administered Patch

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Transdermal FSH: Replacing Fertility Injections with a Self-Administered Patch

Atlanta, Georgia | December 16, 2015. 4P Therapeutics, a drug delivery company with expertise in novel transdermal technologies, announced the successful demonstration of preclinical proof-of-concept for a transdermal patch delivering follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) designed to match the dose and pharmacokinetics of Bravelle®, FSH injection for treatment of infertility.

“We see this as a major step forward for this therapy,” says Steven P. Damon, President and CEO of 4P Therapeutics. “Infertility is an enormous challenge for many women, and there are opportunities to reduce the burden on patients. A transdermal option for delivery of FSH allows for needle-free treatments, which has major benefits for women undergoing this therapy. Eliminating the injections will reduce patient pain, eliminate the need for sharps disposal, and improve compliance through a simpler, and easily self-administered, option.”

Transdermal delivery of FSH is achieved through the use of 4P’s newly developed transdermal technology. “Novel technologies, such as those under development at 4P, represent the only really viable means to achieve transdermal delivery of biologic therapeutics such as FSH.” says Dr. Frank Tagliaferri, Vice President of Research & Development at 4P Therapeutics. “Proteins, peptides, vaccines – all of these types of drugs that were typically limited to administration by injections now have the potential to be developed into easy to use transdermal patches through the use of these new technologies.”

The transdermal FSH patch in development at 4P Therapeutics is intended for once daily dosing, and will be offered in dose strengths ranging from 150 IU to 450 IU. 4P Therapeutics is currently performing CMC development activities in preparation of filing an IND.

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4P Therapeutics is a private company focused on the research and development of novel drug delivery technologies and novel drug delivery based therapeutics. The company has capabilities for developing pharmaceutical products from pre-clinical testing to clinical manufacturing and early stage clinical development (Phase I/II). A key company focus and area of expertise is in the development of transdermal products for delivery of currently injected compounds, including proteins, peptides, macromolecules and biologics. Transdermal delivery of commercially available drugs or biologics that are typically delivered via injection has the potential to improve safety, efficacy and therapeutic outcomes associated with these treatments. Currently, 4P Therapeutics is developing products with pharmaceutical companies and academia, including a transdermal version of tirofiban (Aggrastat®), an antiplatelet agent, with Medicure International.

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