Preclinical Feasibility

4P Therapeutics has developed an efficient preclinical model to assess the feasibility of delivering a compound using drug delivery technologies. The model is designed to establish pre-clinical feasibility followed by proof of concept in human clinical trials. Potential partners interested in developing products with 4P Therapeutics are not required to invest significant capital and resources upfront. Once the feasibility has been established and considerable risk has been mitigated, 4P Therapeutics and its partner can then choose to enter into a broader product development agreement.

A preclinical feasibility project consists of the following steps:

  • Evaluate the physicochemical characteristics and delivery requirements of the compound
  • Select the delivery technology that has the best chance of success
  • Develop and qualify analytical and bioanalytical methods
  • Develop formulation/device configuration for in vitro and pre-clinical testing
  • Conduct in vitro and in vivo testing using pre-clinical models
  • Optimize formulation to meet target delivery profile if necessary
  • Finalize the drug delivery configuration to be used in initial clinical testing

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