Transdermal Patch Contract Manufacturing

Why Contact Manufacturing

Pocono Pharmaceutical is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nutriband Inc, focused on the manufacturing of topical and transdermal drug delivery technologies and therapeutics. Pocono Pharmaceutical develops products that meet the needs of patients, physicians and (payers?). We have the capability to develop transdermal and topical products for clients as a contract manufacturer.

Transdermal delivery of commercially available drugs or biologics that are typically delivered via injection has the potential to improve safety, efficacy and therapeutic outcomes associated with these treatments.

We strive to meet our clients’ needs and always welcome the challenge of new products. Pocono Pharmaceutical was established in 2004 to assist companies with their Research and Development goals. In today’s global marketplace, innovation is necessary to remain competitive. We provide our customers with a knowledgeable expansion to their existing R&D department. Since our inception, we have been challenged by a large number of corporations with an outstanding success rate. Each customer can rest easy in the knowledge that all interactions are considered confidential.

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